Pharmaceutical chemicals


Name:Polidronium chloride

Synonyms:Onamer M; Onyxsperse 12S; Polidronium chloride; Polyquad; Polyquat 1; Polyquaternium-1
Formula: C33H70N5O6X2.5Cl
Molecular weight: 810.21
CAS Registry Number: 75345-27-6
Purity: 95% Amber to dark brown solid

or 35% aqueous solution

Chemical property: fairly hygroscopic; bland in taste and nonirritating.

Have a large solubility in water, insoluble in ethanol, acetone or ethyl ether.
Usage: No obvious stimulation to the skin,not skin sensitization agent and revulsant,
has good antibacterial properties;can be used as antiseptic for eye-drops.
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